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Reviews, Criticism, and Analysis of Literature

Though current reviews were an early convenience of the Web, literary criticism has been late to bloom. The Web has only recently emerged as a liable source of literary research. The Internet Public Library Criticism Collection maintains the larfest index to the free literary criticism on the Web, linking to 2,504 critical and biographical Web sites about authors and their works. The collection is browsable by author, title, nationality and literary period. What separates the IPL collection from other Web criticism gateways is a collection development policy setting standards for inclusion of critical works. Here are a few places that you can try, to look for certain books, authors or any other piece of literature you are trying to find.

Grammar, Vocabulary, and Writing Tools

Standard reference tools in English have always included dictionaries, grammar handbooks, and collections of quotations. Now hyperlinked and enhanced, these same tools can now be found on the internet.

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