Attendance Procedures and Policies

When a student is absent from school, the parent/guardian must call the school (883-6351) to notify the school of the absence by 10:00 AM. If the school attendant cannot be reached a voicemail message is appropriate. If the parent/guardian does not call, the district personnel will call home when an absence has occurred. If contact has been made with the parent/guardian, it will not be necessary for the parent/guardian to send a written excuse with the student upon his/her returning to school, unless requested by the administration. If no contact was made, the student will have two (2) days to bring a note, or the absence will be unexcused.
A student who is absent for any reason other than an unexcused absence should promptly make up specific assignments missed and/or complete additional in-depth student assignments by the teacher. A student who does not make up assigned work within the time allotted by the teacher will receive a grade of zero for the assignment.

Students and parents are responsible to monitor the number of days absent. It is the student’s responsibility to request assignments for any school days missed. If the absence is pre-arranged, the student must contact teachers for assignments and exam make-up work prior to the absence. All attendance is based on the semester.

UNEXCUSED ABSENCES: Unexcused absences occur when the student is absent from school and the school did not receive prior notification of the absence from the parent and or the parent did not contact the school regarding the absence within the two (2) day notification window. Unexcused absences also occur if a student is attending classes and then leaves the school without following the proper procedure for leaving the building. TEACHERS DO NOT HAVE TO ALLOW AN OPPORTUNITY FOR MAKE-UP WORK AND CAN ASSIGN ZERO CREDIT FOR ANY WORK/ASSIGNMENTS/TESTS MISSED FOR AN UNEXCUSED ABSENCE.

CONSEQUENCES FOR UNEXCUSED ABSENCES: Students’ unexcused absences are accumulative for one semester. Unexcused absence in any class will void the Attendance Incentive in that class. Students with excessive unexcused absences will be subject to a parent conference and subsequent attendance contract.

1st Offense: Detention, 2nd Offense: two detentions, 3rd Offense: 1 day ISS, 4th Offense: ISS, 5th Offense: On the 5th offense and any unexcused absences thereafter will he handled at PHS Administrative discretion.

EXCESSIVE ABSENTEEISM: Ten (10) non-school related absences in a semester is considered excessive and will require a parent conference and possible attendance contract. Parents/Guardian will be notified by letter when their student reaches (7) absences and again when they reach ten (10) absences. The following absences will be counted toward the ten (10) days: Unexcused Absences (U). Unexcused Late (L). In School Suspensions (I). Out of School Suspensions (S). Truant (Z). Jail (J). Some absences may be an “Excused Absence (A)” by a parent but will still be counted toward the 10 days. Some examples are: skiing, hair appointments, family trips, work days, visiting friends or family, shopping, hunting, music concerts, short term illness will be counted in the ten days.

SCHOOL RELATED ABSENCES: These are considered an equivalent educational experience and are not counted in the ten (10) days leading up to a parent letter. A school related absence will apply to students participating in sports events, cheerleading, music related events, academic field trips, and others deemed co-curricular. Along with School Related Absences (R) the following WILL NOT count against the ten (10) days: Bereavement (F) in the immediate family (grandmother, grandfather, father, mother, sister, brother). Parent/guardian must notify the school. Subpoenas (X) to appear in court or court-ordered, out-of-district placements for special services. Long term illness (M) and/or hospitalization verified by a doctor’s statement. Culturally related (C). Post-secondary Educational visit (W) that has been preapproved. Documented medical/dental appointment (P). Home Bound (H)



Y Altacare



Cultural Absence


Excused Absence


Guidance Office

H Home Bound

In School Suspension




Late Unexcused Absence (Later than a tardy)


Long-term illness/hospitalization


Medical/Dental Appointment


Post-Secondary Visit


School Related Absence


School Resource Officer


Subpoena Absence


Suspended Absence (out of school)






Unexcused Absence


Vice Principal

TARDINESS: Students who are late for a class are to report directly to the class prepared to work. When a student is more than 5 minutes tardy for class he/she will be considered absent. Depending on the amount of time the student is late past the 5 minute tardy time the absence will be recorded as a (L) or (U), if the absence has not been approved.

Each late arrival to class will be considered a tardy EXCEPT in cases where a student has a pass from a teacher, counselor, or administrator, indicating that the staff member necessarily detained him/her. In that case the late arrival will not be recorded as a tardy. After the 3rd tardy in any class, detention will be assigned. Teachers/administrators have the authority to assign additional consequences for subsequent tardies.

PROCEDURE FOR LEAVING THE BUILDING: Once a student has entered school for the day, he/she may not leave the school without being checked out from the office, except during lunch. In order for a student to leave campus a note or phone call must be received by the office prior to the student leaving campus. If a student leaves without parent permission and a pass from the main office, the student will be considered unexcused. Bringing notes or phone calls to the office after the absence will not change the status of the absence. Returning from lunch periods late will be considered unexcused unless extenuating circumstances prevail.

POST-SECONDARY EDUCATION VISIT: Junior and Senior Students will be allowed to visit post-secondary education institutions each year, without effect on the ten (10) day policy. All post-secondary visit absences require prearrangement with PHS Administration and a post-secondary education visit form available in the PHS Guidance office and on the PHS Webpage.