Physical Education Curriculum

Length: Semester
Prerequisite: None
Level: 9, 10

Personal Health & Wellness class will empower students to identify their health risks, to examine their behaviors, and to come up with a plan designed to make health a bigger priority in their lives. Students will become smarter with making their health decisions, more knowledgeable about personal choices, and more active advocates for healthy changes in their community. 

Length: Semester
Prerequisite: None
Entry Level: 9

This required course teaches the importance of practicing a healthy lifestyle. Students will have the opportunity to develop skills in a variety of activities including individual, team, outdoor pursuits, and strength and conditioning. Basic fitness concepts are taught and students work toward improving cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, agility, coordination, flexibility and balance to maintain their fitness levels.

Length: Year
Prerequisite: “B” or better in past semester of PE and or instructor approval
Entry Level: 9, 10

This course is designed for students who have or want to develop advanced physical strength and personal athletic ability and skills. The foundation of the class is based on physical conditioning, strength building through weight lifting, and advanced skill development in a variety of individual and team activities throughout the year, students will work to improve and maintain their fitness levels. (Co-Ed)

Length: Semester
Prerequisite: “B” or better in past semester of PE and/or instructor approval
Entry Level: 11

This course is designed to provide students an opportunity to participate in both aerobic and strength conditioning through weight training with the emphasis on learning how to develop an individualized program for physical conditioning.

Length: Semester
Prerequisite: Instructor approval
Entry Level: 11

If you want to improve or maintain current level of fitness, this is the experience for you. As an active participant, opportunities to develop core muscular strength and endurance, coordination, agility, balance, and some cardiovascular fitness will be provided. We will utilize stability balls, bosu balls, bands, free weights and other various equipment and techniques. Both aspiring athletes and students wanting to improve muscle tone are encouraged to enroll.