Polson High School People

Photo of Tamara Alley

Tamara Alley

Gifted & Talented

Classes I Teach: K-12 Gifted Education; Advanced Studies 6th grade; Advanced Studies...

Photo of Deb Anderson

Deb Anderson

Business Manager

Photo of Stephanie Anderson

Stephanie Anderson

FACS Teacher

Photo of Melissa Bahr

Melissa Bahr

ELA Teacher

Class Schedule: 1st- Literacy and Communication 9 2nd- Advanced English 9 3rd-...

Photo of Adrienne Barnes

Adrienne Barnes

Spanish Teacher

Photo of Anna Barrows

Anna Barrows

Special Education Para

Photo of Tim Berg

Tim Berg

SPED Director

Photo of Matt Bishop

Matt Bishop


Photo of Robyn Bishop

Robyn Bishop

English Teacher

Class Schedule: 1st--English 9 2nd--English 9 3rd--Prep 4th--English 9 5...

Photo of Richard Blake

Richard Blake

HS ELA Teacher

What I Teach: English 12, AP Language & Composition, and 11th & 12th Literac...

Photo of Nicole Bonner

Nicole Bonner


Photo of Brandie Buckless

Brandie Buckless

Girls Basketball Coach

Photo of Carrie Burrough

Carrie Burrough

Health Aide

Photo of Terry Calahan

Terry Calahan

HS Library Para

Photo of Guadalupe Carrillo Robles
Photo of Pam Carruth

Pam Carruth


Photo of Melissa Chandler

Melissa Chandler

Athletic Trainer

Photo of Beth Christian
Photo of Lizzy Cox

Lizzy Cox

Volleyball Coach

Photo of Jonathan Crosby

Jonathan Crosby



Photo of Mike Cutler

Mike Cutler


Photo of Patrick Danley

Patrick Danley

Social Studies Teacher

Photo of Sean Dellwo

Sean Dellwo

Activities Director

Photo of RoseAnne Detterer
Photo of Karen Dhuyvetter

Karen Dhuyvetter

Math Teacher

Photo of Lori Dickson

Lori Dickson

English Teacher

Photo of Tom DiGiallonardo

Tom DiGiallonardo

Curriculum Director

Photo of Sophia Donovan

Sophia Donovan

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Dave Duford

Dave Duford

Industrial Tech Teacher

Photo of Drew Dumont

Drew Dumont

Tech Ed Teacher

Class Schedule: 1st-Custom Production 2nd-3rd-Production Trades 4th-Prep 5t...

Photo of Kyle Dunn

Kyle Dunn

Science Teacher

Photo of Polly Dupuis

Polly Dupuis

Math Teacher

Photo of Stacey Ellis

Stacey Ellis


Schedule: 2nd - Education Occupations (Library) The library is used for a variety of...

  • northlakecountylibrary.org/ (opens in new window)
Photo of Sean Elser

Sean Elser

Business Teacher

Photo of Ceth Eslick

Ceth Eslick

Systems Administrator

Photo of Andrew Fors

Andrew Fors

HS Principal

Photo of Dan Giles

Dan Giles

Maintenance Director

Photo of Jamie Gralapp
Photo of David Greiff

David Greiff


Photo of Dustin Greiff

Dustin Greiff

Head Custodian

Photo of Robert Gunderson

Robert Gunderson

Digital History Archivist

Photo of Jacob Halgren

Jacob Halgren

Head Boys Basketball Coach

Photo of Shana Hanneman
Photo of Betsy Hess

Betsy Hess


Photo of Robert Hislop

Robert Hislop

Tennis Coach

Photo of Katrina Holmes

Katrina Holmes

Social Studies Teacher

Classes I Teach: American History, Global Issues, Psychology   Class Sche...

Photo of Matt Holmes

Matt Holmes

Art Teacher

Classes I Teach: Art Fundamentals, Drawing & Design, 2-D Studio, and 3-D Studio ...

Photo of Becky Hoxie

Becky Hoxie

Math Teacher

Class Schedule: Early Bird - Advanced Algebra 2 1st - Advanced Algebra 1 2nd -...

  • sites.google.com/polson.k12.mt.us/hoxie-mathwebsite/ (opens in new window)
Photo of Eric Huffine

Eric Huffine

Wrestling Coach

Photo of Melani Kacer

Melani Kacer


About Me: I retired early from Principal Financial Group and moved here to be close ...

Photo of Crystal Kain

Crystal Kain

Innovation Coordinator

Photo of Tammy Kelley

Tammy Kelley

PE/Health Teacher

Photo of Kris Kelly

Kris Kelly

Special Education Teacher

Photo of Hugh Kingery

Hugh Kingery

Spanish Teacher

Class Schedule: 1st - Spanish 1 (HS) 2nd - Spanish 1 (HS) 3rd - Spanish 1 (HS)...

Photo of Kate Knisley

Kate Knisley


Photo of Carrie Lapierre

Carrie Lapierre

Math Teacher

Class Schedule: 1st- Geometry 2nd- Algebra skills 3rd- Algebra Skills 4th- ...

Photo of Sarah Larkin

Sarah Larkin


Photo of Annie Lombardi

Annie Lombardi

PE/Health Enhancement Teacher

Class Schedule: 1st - Health 2nd - Health 3rd - Health 4th - Health 5th ...

Photo of Nate Lundeen
Photo of Doug McAlear
Photo of Bradley Mccain

Bradley Mccain

School Psychologist

Photo of Amy McConnell

Amy McConnell

English Teacher

Photo of Chris McElwee

Chris McElwee


Photo of James McKee

James McKee

Math Teacher

Class Schedule: 1st: Algebra 2 2nd: Geometry 3rd: Geometry 4th: Geometry ...

Photo of Loretta Miller

Loretta Miller

Food Service Director

Photo of Richard Miller

Richard Miller

Tech Support Specialist

Photo of Cameron Milton

Cameron Milton

Golf Coach

Photo of Trever Moll

Trever Moll

Girls Soccer Coach

Photo of Connor Mulvaney

Connor Mulvaney

Science / Computer Science Teacher

Class Schedule: 1st - Earth Science (Room 104) 2nd - Earth Science (Room 104) ...

Photo of Carson Oakland

Carson Oakland

PE Teacher

Photo of Brett Owen

Brett Owen

Business Teacher

Class Schedule: Room 302 Semester 1:   1st - Graphic Design 1  Sem...

Photo of Matt Owen

Matt Owen

Special Education Teacher

Class Schedule: 1st - Study Skills 2nd - Algebra Skills with Mrs. LaPierre 3rd...

Photo of William Owen

William Owen

Wrestling Coach

Photo of Linda Pete

Linda Pete

Native American Studies Teacher

Photo of Jon Petersen

Jon Petersen

Science Teacher

Class Schedule: 1st - Chemistry 2nd - Study Hall 3rd - Physics 4th - Prep P...

Photo of Kalee Plowman
Photo of Joe Quinn

Joe Quinn

Science Teacher

Photo of Mitchell Reid

Mitchell Reid

Night Custodian

Photo of Antonio Rosa

Antonio Rosa


Photo of Erin Rumelhart
Photo of Shalita Rushing

Shalita Rushing

Payroll Clerk

Photo of Jay Sampson

Jay Sampson

Assistant Principal

Photo of Richard Sawyer

Richard Sawyer

Band Teacher

Photo of Kaylee Schirtliff

Kaylee Schirtliff

Choir Teacher

Photo of Ivie Schoenen
Photo of Matthew Seeley

Matthew Seeley

Track Coach

Photo of Samuel Shields

Samuel Shields


Photo of Michael Sitter

Michael Sitter

Science Teacher

Class Schedule: 1st - Study Support 2nd - Prep 3rd - Earth Science 4th - Ea...

  • sites.google.com/polson.k12.mt.us/mrsitter/home (opens in new window)
Photo of Lindsay Sorensen
Photo of Thomas Spencer

Thomas Spencer

Social Studies Teacher

Photo of Cody Staley

Cody Staley

In School Suspension Monitor

Photo of Don Toth

Don Toth

Health Enhancement

Photo of Jan Toth

Jan Toth

Special Education Teacher

Class Schedule: 1st-Language (mod 2) 2nd- Language (mod 2) 3rd-English 9 (Ms.D...

Photo of Alysha Valentine

Alysha Valentine

High School Secretary

Photo of Katrina Venters

Katrina Venters

English Teacher

Class Schedule: 1st - English 11 2nd - English 11 3rd & 4th - AP Block (US...

Photo of Betsy Wade

Betsy Wade

Curriculum Director

Photo of Crystal Walker

Crystal Walker

Office Staff

Photo of Amy Williams

Amy Williams


Photo of Logan Williams

Logan Williams


Photo of Chrystal Wilson
Photo of Melinda Withrow

Melinda Withrow

Special Education Teacher

Class Schedule: 1st:Prep 2nd: Study Skills 3rd: Study Skills 4th: Study Ski...

Photo of Morgan Zimmer

Morgan Zimmer

Head Swim Coach