District Policies & Information:

Program Plan

Details about our District's Gifted and Talented Program can be accessed via the links on the right. Additional information is below.


The  Polson School District recognizes that each student brings to our schools unique intellectual and creative abilities and that the abilities of some students exceed those of the general population.  We are dedicated to making the necessary accommodations for these exceptional students.


The Polson School District defines “gifted and talented children” as those who exhibit marked exceptional abilities in the areas of intellect, creativity, leadership, and thinking skills.  They have a higher performance capability and require differentiated and/or accelerated curricula to meet their unique learning needs and abilities.


  • To exercise the mind at the upper reasoning levels.

  • To provide enrichment and pull-out opportunities for gifted students to explore and strengthen their unique talents and interests.

  • To provide opportunities for acceptance of the unique qualities and unusual academic passions of gifted students.

  • To aid in developing each child’s strengths to their greater potential.

  • To provide assistance to teachers for making in-classroom accommodations for gifted students.


  • Identify gifted students.

  • Enhance academic skills through a variety of approaches.

  • Enrich beyond the basic skills.

  • Exercise critical and creative thinking.

  • Aid in coping with perfectionism, underachievement, procrastination, high expectations, and other social and emotional issues gifted children often encounter.

  • Provide opportunities for meeting and working with like-minded students and mentors.

  • Provide an accepting climate for each child’s unique self and interests.

  • Provide individualized guidance as needed.

Teacher Preparation

Teachers in the Polson district are obligated to meet a wide variety of learning needs within a single classroom setting.  In order to assist with this challenge, the district is committed to providing them opportunities for training in how to better meet the academic and learning needs of their students.  Teacher preparation for meeting the needs of gifted students includes:

  • Sending teachers to the Montana AGATE conference each April.

  • Sending teachers or a representative to the EduFest Gifted & Talented conference in Boise, Idaho, each July.

  • Sending teachers to other professional development offerings in Gifted Education.

  • Purchasing resource materials for classroom teachers and the GT specialist.

  • Maintaining a professional library of relevant books, magazines, and other materials.

  • Offering formal or informal inservice opportunities within the district.

Support Services

The Polson district provides a variety of support services for all students.  These services are available for gifted and high-ability students on an as-needed basis.  The support services provided include school counselors, school psychologists, resource room, gifted education classes, GT specialist assistance, Alta-Care, and after-school programs.

Parent Involvement

The involvement of parents in the education of their children is of great importance to that student’s future success.  In order to more fully involve and inform the parents of the district’s gifted and high-ability learners, the Gifted & Talented program will:

  • Provide parents of gifted students with information regarding GT program options.

  • Maintain a resource library of relevant materials, books, and magazines for the parents of gifted students.

  • Invite parents to serve as volunteer mentors, Destination Imagination coaches, or other potential roles.

  • Provide parents with a newsletter containing information about gifted students, the Polson gifted program, and other relevant topics.

  • Work towards creating in the future a parent group for the parents of gifted and high-ability students.