Teaching Staff

This year there are sixteen certified classroom teachers, three special education teachers and two Title I teachers. In addition, we have a full time P.E. teacher, music teacher and school librarian. We also have a full time school counselor, nurse, and speech pathologist.

Classrooms and Technology

This year we have six second grade classrooms, five third grade classrooms, and five fourth grade classrooms. All of our classrooms have internet access, at least six computers, a SMART board, and a documenting camera. In addition, five mobile computer labs are available for classroom use.

Volunteer Programs

Our school teams with families and the community. Linderman holds several family engagement nights throughout the year where families are invited into the school to share in their child’s learning. Linderman also has many volunteer programs including art Docent Program, Polson Reads, 4-H Mentoring Program and Walking Path Program