Cherry Valley School People

Photo of Sarah Acosta

Sarah Acosta


Photo of Desiree Alexander
Photo of Tamara Alley

Tamara Alley

Gifted & Talented

Photo of Deb Anderson

Deb Anderson

Business Manager

Photo of Margaret Arneson
Photo of Patricia Barfoot

Patricia Barfoot

Kindergarten Teacher

Photo of Amanda Baughman
Photo of Tawnie Baughman

Tawnie Baughman


Photo of Tim Berg

Tim Berg

SPED Director

Photo of Molly Billedeaux

Molly Billedeaux

Kindergarten Teacher

Photo of Joanie Bowen

Joanie Bowen

1st Grade Teacher

Photo of Whitney Buchmann

Whitney Buchmann

Music Teacher

Photo of Julie Burke

Julie Burke

Speech Pathologist

Photo of Kaitlyn Burrowes

Kaitlyn Burrowes

Pre-K Teacher

Photo of Dawn Cardoza
Photo of Mike Cutler

Mike Cutler


Photo of Sean Dellwo

Sean Dellwo

Activities Director

Photo of Tom DiGiallonardo

Tom DiGiallonardo

Curriculum Director

Photo of Jeanne Donais

Jeanne Donais

Special Education Teacher

Photo of Sophia Donovan

Sophia Donovan

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Rodney Firststrike

Rodney Firststrike

Native Culture Specialist

Photo of Dan Giles

Dan Giles

Maintenance Director

Photo of Jamie Gralapp
Photo of Debbie Gunlock

Debbie Gunlock


Photo of Jon Gustafson

Jon Gustafson


Photo of Dale Hannon

Dale Hannon


Photo of Tereza Hanson

Tereza Hanson


Photo of Shianne Harris

Shianne Harris


Photo of Betsy Hess

Betsy Hess


Photo of Sarah Howell

Sarah Howell

Kindergarten Teacher

Photo of Crystal Kain

Crystal Kain

Innovation Coordinator

Photo of Kristi Kanta
Photo of Lisa Kenney

Lisa Kenney

Teacher Moving and Grooving

Photo of Kate Knisley

Kate Knisley


Photo of Angela Knutson

Angela Knutson

1st Grade Teacher

Photo of Trista Lipscomb

Trista Lipscomb


Photo of Wendy Lobdell

Wendy Lobdell

Kindergarten Teacher

Photo of Joanna Lozar

Joanna Lozar

1st Grade Teacher

Photo of Nate Lundeen
Photo of Bradley Mccain

Bradley Mccain

School Psychologist

Photo of Jessica Mercer
Photo of Loretta Miller

Loretta Miller

Food Service Director

Photo of Richard Miller

Richard Miller

Tech Support Specialist

Photo of Marcie Motichka

Marcie Motichka


Photo of Crystal Ness

Crystal Ness


Photo of Laura Nethercott
Photo of Bonnie Petersen

Bonnie Petersen

Special Education Teacher

Photo of Kalee Plowman
Photo of Dylan Quinn

Dylan Quinn


Ridge Rosenberg


Photo of Jessica Ross
Photo of Erin Rumelhart
Photo of Shalita Rushing

Shalita Rushing

Payroll Clerk

Photo of Helen Siemers

Helen Siemers

Title Teacher

Photo of Tatia Skalsky

Tatia Skalsky

Special Education Para

Photo of Lindsay Sorensen
Photo of Tobie Stack

Tobie Stack

Special Education Teacher

Photo of Sarah Takacs

Sarah Takacs

Kindergarten Teacher

Photo of Kaden Thomas

Kaden Thomas

Special Education Para

Photo of Mike Thomas

Mike Thomas

Head Custodian

Photo of Sheri Todd

Sheri Todd

CV Para

Photo of Hayley Voegele

Hayley Voegele


Photo of Betsy Wade

Betsy Wade

Curriculum Director

Photo of MaKenzie Wegner

MaKenzie Wegner

1st Grade Teacher

Photo of Rebecca Williams
Photo of Chrystal Wilson