Mission Statement

We Cherish Each Child

By creating a caring community that honors each child’s journey in discovering the power of learning.


We believe each child can succeed.

We believe each child is unique and learns at his or her own rate and in his or her own way and we are responsible for meeting the child where he or she is in the learning process.

We believe in giving children a variety of learning opportunities

We believe children should have a choice in their learning.

We believe every child should feel success in learning

We believe integrated support systems, adequate resources, and individual instruction are necessary for student success.

We believe that each child can develop into a responsible, respectful, and independent learner.

We believe that each child should feel part of a safe and nurturing environment.

We believe that the family and community are essential partners in learning and that each family should be respected.

We believe in acknowledging the unique qualities of where we live and the people we live among on the Flathead Indian Reservation.

We believe in celebrating diversity, accomplishments, and contributions.