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Polson School District

Speakers inspire students with stories

Photo by Sam Grisak
Entertainers Yeagley, Tate, and Marshall discuss their concert

By Erin Wallace

David Yeagley, Jerod Tate, and Richard Marshall entertained many PHS students Sept. 16.

Putting on a concert for choir and band students, they told stories, played instruments, and shared personal experiences.

This was the group's first time working together, and they achieved a huge response from students that attended the performance.

"We just wanted to contribute what we could to the students here," explains Tate.

"The purpose of this concert is to inspire the students," says Marshall, "Hopefully students will get a different perspective out of all of this."

Key Club Corner

By Marlo Manicke, Key Club President

Key Club is off to a good start this year. Our first meeting was Oct. 13. There were about 25 people there, but we would like to see 25 more. At the meeting we discussed buying T-shirts for the Key Club so that when we go into the community people know who we are. We also discussed babysitting elementry students on early out days as there is a strong need in the community for such a service.

The next Key Club meeting is Monday, Oct. 25 at 6:30 in the Spanish Mod. At the meeting we will be bagging candy for the Halloween activities taking place around the town. Anyone is welcome to come to Key Club. Not only is it fun, but service in Key Club looks very good on an employment or school application. I hope to see many new faces on the Oct. 25 at 6:30.


Compiled by Lindsey McCurdy

School passes new dress code

On Tuesday, May 11, the Milford Board of Education unanimously voted (14-0) in favor to restrict students from wearing non-prescription sun-glasses and hats in the school building during school hours beginning August 30, the first day of school in the fall. Students would be able to wear hats only for religious or health reasons.

George Cometa, The Advocate, Milford, CT

Students to take a plunge before prom

Prom is a little more exciting for a group of 10 seniors this year. Before going to prom and dressing up, they will be having the wind blowing through their hair as they plummet 13,000 feet through the air, with only a thin sheet of nylon death

Laura Johnson, The Arrow, Kalispell, MT

Hendrick races away from past: automotive student overcomes leukemia, builds dream car

When he was 2, automotive mechanics major Scoot Hendricks was diagnosed with leukemia.

The little boy and his mom traveled from their Superior, Montana home to Salt Lake City, Utah for treatment. Scott's sister went to her grandma's house, and his dad stayed at home to work. The cancer gradully disappeared and , now age 20. Scott shows no sign of still carrying the disease.

So when Scott was just 11, he paid $200 for battered version of his favorite car: a '55 Studebaker. With the guidance of his father, a family friedn and Hot Rod tips, Scott rebuilt the engine and replaced the car's body. The year he turned 15, the automoblie was street worth.

Rosie Vogel, The NIC Sentinel, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

FHS students break the mold, teach Elrod students pottery

Like the pottery they created, second graders and high schoolers created new forms of friendship and understanding in the classroom of art teacher Linda Burgard on April 9.

Burgard's ceramic and sculpture classes gave Dee Manning's second graders from Elrod School a crash course in clay.

"There is no better way to learn something than to teach it," said Burgard.

Dennis Meredith, The Arrow, Kalispell, Montana