Academic Students of Quarter Three are Chosen

Students Receiving Award

Students with award

Eight students over the last nine weeks have wowed the administration at Polson High School with their efforts to learn, earning them the title of Academic Students of Quarter Three. Two people from each class are selected each quarter through a process run by Jay Sampson, the vice principal. First, all of the students with GPAs of 3.5 or above are compiled into a spreadsheet that is sent to all of the PHS administration. Teachers then vote for students based on their performance in class, their motivation, and their character. Ties go to Sampson, who looks to highest GPA and participation in extracurricular activities to decide the final winners. Students are limited to being Academic Student of the Quarter only once in their high school career.

“They all take academics very seriously.” said Sampson regarding his experience with past winners, “They understand the value of getting an education.”

Freshman Students of 3rd Quarter Sophomore students of 3rd quarter Junior students of third quarter Senior students of third quarter

Sophia Moderie, Taleah Hernandez

Michael Smith., Leila Shoemake
Seth Lake, Cameron Ball

Lisa Costilla, Mikaela DuCharme