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MontCAS is the Montana Comprehensive Assessment System - a system for managing the testing of annual progress by students throughout Montana in mathematics, reading and science. MontCAS was initiated as part of the Montana's efforts to comply with the federal No Child Left Behind mandates.

This site is being developed to support the MontCAS Mathematics Review at Polson High School. The site provides a central repository of resources to support the Mathematics Department in their efforts to improve the mathematics skills of our students and, hopefully, our results in the annual testing.

The initial focus of this effort is on adding/developing the following materials:

Simultaneously, we will be working to build interest and seek the support of teachers throughout the district in helping grow and improve the repository.

Just Getting Started

This effort was initiated in early October, 2009, so there is still a lot to do! The initial focus of the web site is the addition of prior year MontCAS problems (starting with 2009). To access the current problem archive, select the Problems option from the menu above.

Want to Help?

If you have feedback on the site or would like to help with the development of materials for the site, please contact Robert Northcutt at Polson High School (

Latest Updates...

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