Transition Math Syllabus


Transition Math reviews basic math skills including fractions, decimals and percents. It provides an introduction to basic algebraic concepts such as solving equations and graphing linear functions. Emphasis is put on reinforcing skills required for Math 1. Topics from geometry, and statistics are also studied. Students complete projects that use skills learned in real life applications. Successful completion allows the student to enter the Math 1, Math 2, Math 3 sequence. The high level topics that will be covered in the class are:

Classroom Expectations

For for those of you who need specific classroom rules, we will begin the year with the following (very simple) Classroom Code.  We can update it as necessary throughout the year.

  1. Be On-Time
  2. Come Prepared to Listen, Think, Participate & Ask Questions
  3. Treat Each Other with Respect, Fairness and Honesty
  4. No drinks or food - except water.

Grading Approach

Your quarter and semester grades will be determined as follows:

Quarter Grade   Semester Grade
1st Quarter Grade
2nd Quarter Grade
Semester Final (1)


Your letter grade is based on a standard 100 point scale. Additional information related to grading is included below.

(1) Students with a semester grade of 80% or better prior to the final have the option to not take the Semester Final. However, if they do choose to take the final (to improve their grade) the score on the final cannot lower their grade - it can only help! To have this option, students must also meet the following criteria for the semester:

Class Notebook

Students are strongly encouraged to maintain a Class Notebook for notes and examples. You may use your notebook on all tests/quizzes (unless I tell you otherwise ahead of time), so keeping it up-to-date and organized is a good idea.

Projects & Assessments

Projects will be assigned periodically in the class. Assessments will consist of in-class and take-home tests & quizzes.


Assignments (classwork & homework) will typically be given EVERY day. Typically, time will be given in class to complete most, if not all, of your assignment if you use your time wisely. See the HW Rubric & Sample for more details on how HW assignments will be graded.

Late/Missed Assignments

All assignments are due on the scheduled date or, in the case of excused absences, consistent with PHS Absence Policy. The only exception to this rule is when a request to complete work at an alternate time has been discussed with me ahead of time.  In this case, I will typically be flexible.


Students will occasionally use a calculator or computer in this class.  If you do not have a calculator/computer one will be provided during class.

You can check out a calculator for overnight use. NOTE: If something happens to the calculator while it is in your care you are responsible for the replacement cost ($90).  Please let me know as soon as possible if your calculator is missing.