Welcome to the Applied Math Caching Challenge!

(The suggested prerequisites for this activity are Algebra & Geometry)


Congratulations, you are beginning the Applied Math Caching Challenge - developed by the 3rd period Applied Math class at Polson High School.

As a warm-up, you must solve three Order of Operations problems. Once you find the answers to these problems, follow the directions at the bottom of the page to get to the next step of the Challenge.

Good Luck!


1. Simplify.


2. Simplify.


3. Simplify.

REad Carefully - Follow these steps to find the next page!

Find the absolute value of the product of the three answers above. Place this answer in the blank below (following the letters "AM1").  Modify the URL in your browser to be the string below to check your answer (it will go to the next page in the challenge if your answer is correct).