Dayton Student Register 1913-14 with G. H. Davey Teacher:

Grade 1: Roy Johnson, Dwight Smith; Grade 2: Omer Jacobs, Larry Smith, Victor Sheman, Vere Olin, Bertha Koisti, Amy Johnson; Grade 4: Leo Norberg, Charles Koisti, Ida Koisti, Mary Koisti, Gladys Frygstad, Gladys Caips; Grade 5: Lee Masterson, Floyd Smith, Laila Frygstad, Vivian Jansen, Genie Jacobs, Helen Eayrs; Grade 6: Floyd Kurbeck, Alvin Underhill, Jesse Eayers; Grade 7: Errol Jump, Justin Whitehaus, Helen Nowlan, Janice Black, Marie Meuli; Grade 8: William Lilly, Marion Norberg, Birdie Reed, Grace Reed, Lula Underhill, Ella Smith, Irene Nowlan


Dayton Student Register 1914-15 with Teachers Irene Russell & Mrs. Alice Bagley - Lower Grades

Grade 1: John Koisti, Ray Lynn, Stella Ober, Ruth Lynn, Vivian Lynn, Helen Evanson, Ruth Pibel; Grade 2: Ralph Elgie, Roy Johnson, William Pibel; Grade 3: Victor Sherman, Omer Jacobs, Herbert Pibel, Bertha Koisti, Amy Johnson, Grace Elgie; Grade 5: Gladys Trygstad, Ida Koisti, Mary Koisti; Grade 6: Lee Masterson, Genie Jacobs

 Upper Grades with Teacher A. W. Bagley

Grade 7: Alvin Underhill, Floyd Hurlbutt; Grade 8: Errol Jump, Justin Whitehaus, Janise Black, Helen Norvlan, Velma Jacobs, Marie Meuli; Grade 9: William Lilly, Irene Nowlan, Celia Jump, Birdie Reed, Lula Underhill



Dayton Student Register 1915-16 with Cynthia Squires Teacher

Grade 1: Hans Pederson, Eida Proud; Grade 2: John Koisti, Harry Dwelle, Stella Ober; Grade 3: Ray Johnson, Bertha Koisti, Amy Johnson; Grade 4: Amer Jacobs; Grade 5: Cecil Robertson, Ida Koisti, Mary Koisti, Thelma Dwelle, Eva Barnes; Grade 7: Lee Masterson, Winfred Bains, Regina Best, Jennie Jacobs, Hazel Barnes; Grade 8: Errol Jump, Floyd Hurlbutt, Justin Whitehaus, Alvin Underhill, Leslle Williams, Edith Smith, Laura Hawkins; No grade listed: Ralph Barnes (age 8)

Both Eida and Daryl went to school in Dayton all eight grades, then to high school in Polson. Before they had finished school in Dayton, we had dry weather and poor crops. So we had a sale of machinery and livestock and moved to Dayton where I went to work at the Dayton Trading Company store and in the post office which was in the back of the store.[Frankie Proud]


Dayton Student Register 1916-1917 with Mrs. Irene Russell Teacher

Grade 1: Hans Pederson, Lila Johnson, Mary Baberich, Lawrence Frame, Olive Mock; Grade 2: Eida Proud; Grade 3: Harry Dwelle, John Koisti, Wendell Hass, James Mock, Stella Ober, Mollie Williams; Grade 4: Ray Johnson, Allen Frame, Amy Johnson, Bertha Koisti; Grade 6: Cecil Robertson, Omas Jacobs, Harold Prouty, Albert Frame, Thelma Dwelle, Mary Koisti, Ida Koisti; Grade 7: Marguerite Baberich; Grade 8: Merton Miller, Floyd Hurlbutt, Leo Baberivck, Genie Jacobs, Laurence Windsor


Dayton Student Register 1917-18 with M. P. Elder Teacher

Grade 1: Sandford Elder (transferred), Oscar Johnson, Charles Meuli, Harold Pederson, Lily Johnson, Iris Lozier, Gladys Walker; Grade 2: Hans Peterson, Lyle Hunter; Grade 3: Robert Ogden (transferred), Eida Proud; Grade 4: Harry Dwelle, Wendell Hoas (dropped), John Koisti, Stella Ober; Grade 5: Ray Johnson, Amy Johnson, Bertha Koisti; Grade 7: Omer Jacobs, Cecil Robertson (dropped), Thelma Dwelle, Ida Koisti (dropped), Mary Koisti; Grade 8: Genie Jacobs (transferred), Laurene Windsor (transferred)