The cheerleader program at P.H.S. is currently under the leadership of Alysha Valentine.

Tryouts are held in April and prospective cheerleaders are required to perform a dance routine and two cheers taught to them in a weeks time. Cheerleaders must be responsible, trustworthy, punctual, and dedicated. Teachers input into these areas is solicated and is invaluable to the selection process. As with athletic teams, cheerleaders are chosen by the coaches and the captain of the previous years squad.

Practice is held after school every night that there is no athletic competition. cheerleaders cheer for football and volleyball in the fall and girls and boys basketball and wrestling during winter season.

Practices consist of: Stretching and exercising for half an hour. Then they practice stunts for another half hour. For the last hour of practice they work on cheers, dances, and jumps.

Practice continues all summer long, beginning in June. During this time the new cheerleaders are taught the material necessary to cheer in the fall, and the squad works together to prepare for the upcoming season and summer camp. The Pirate cheerleaders also put on a Fall Cheerleading Camp for elementary students. These young cheerleaders perform at one of the fall football games.

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