Saturday, October 20, 2018

Polson’s Frissell repeats

Polson senior Beatrix Frissell won her second consecutive state title, breaking her own Class A 5K record in the process.

“It means a whole lot to me when I think about all the work I’ve put into it,” Frissell said while wearing sunglasses. “I think that’s for sure the most important thing, just thinking back to all the summer miles and all the miles during the season. It all coming to this is really amazing.”

Frissell finished in 19:02.57, cruising to victory by 21.02 seconds over Hamilton’s Brynnli Poulsen. She had been dealing with a small cold for a few weeks that was still affecting her Saturday, but that couldn’t stop her.

“Last year, I felt like I had quite a bit of girls around me and I had a third-place finish my sophomore year, so I didn’t really have everybody looking at me,” Frissell said. “This year, it was a bit scary because I felt like everybody was looking at me. That definitely made me nervous, but I also felt confident heading into it for sure. I put in a lot of training this year, so that helps.”
Hardin 3-peats


Team Scores: Hardin 56, Whitefish 73, Corvallis 120, Frenchtown 168, Polson 180, Columbia Falls 182, Laurel 186, Dillon 189, Havre 192, Hamilton 229, Belgrade 238, Lewistown 368, Glendive 379, Browning 459, Miles City 479, Libby 507, Billings Central 519, Ronan 542, Sidney 556

Top 20 individuals

Beatrix Frissell, Polson, 19:02.57; Brynnli Poulsen, Hamilton, 19:23.59; Khylah Two Leggins, Hardin, 19:32.15; Jade Greenberg, Whitefish, 19:46.34; Libby Nedens, Hardin, 19:48.62; Ella Greenburg, Whitefish, 19:59.08; Kadia Miller, Havre, 19:59.55; Natalie Yocum, Frenchtown, 20:03.64; Marion Hugs, Hardin, 20:08.41; Lilli Day, Corvallis, 20:09:41; Grace Timm, Laurel, 20:18.84; Madalen Shipman, Dillon, 20:22.02; Molly Sitter, Polson, 20:22.73; Katie Gleason, Corvallis, 20:23.59; Kelle Mosher, Dillon, 20:29.11; Journey Erickson, Hardin, 20:43.14; Jessica Henson, Whitefish, 20:47.64; Abby Sherwood, Frenchtown, 21:02.47; Genevieve Delorme, Columbia Falls, 21:03.94; Lara Erickson, Columbia Falls, 21:14.24


Team scores: Columbia Falls 76, Hardin 107, Laurel 110, Lewistown 115, Corvallis 189, Frenchtown 204, Belgrade 205, Hamilton 216, Havre 250, Ronan 262, Polson 274, Whitefish 291, Miles City 310, Livingston 335, Glendive 343, Billings Central 356, Browning 478, Dillon 485, Libby 541, Stevensville 606, Sidney 615.

Top 20 individuals

Levi Taylor, Laurel, 16:18.24; Sam Fulbright, Lewistown, 16:28.79; Joe Lamb, Columbia Falls, 16:42.20; Seth Umbriaco, Columbia Falls, 16:44.99; Will Flowers, Corvallis, 16:48.15; James Normandeau, Ronan, 16:53.76; Luke Lutz, Frenchtown, 17:02.52; Tyler Schmautz, Frenchtown, 17:05.19; Colter Kirkland, Hamilton, 17:06.43; Mason Sloan, Polson, 17:09.48; James Role, Columbia Falls, 17:10.61; Wyatt Ostler, Laurel, 17:15.89; Jaxon McCormick, Hardin, 17:16.09; Brian Healy, Corvallis, 17:16.65; Jesse Shaske, Frenchtown, 17:19.36; Ryker Melton, Lewistown, 17:27.66; Trajan Hill, Hardin, 17:29.19; Haden Wilson, Laurel, 17:29.84; Miles Vrentas, Whitefish, 17:30.85; Aidan Jarvis, Columbia Falls, 17:31.05.

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