Head Coach
Bob Hislop

Relative Ability Level Pyramid

Assistant Coach
MIke Sitter

  You can challenge any JV player if you are a JV player. Anyone on the varsity ladder can be challenged by players within three spots of them. I will deny challenges at times if court space is an issue and you cannot challenge the same person in consecutive weeks. There will also be many coach’s challenges so I can see how two player stack up against each other.

Assistant Coach
Donna Hislop

level 1
Johnny Moore
level 2
Kaiden Forman Webster
level 3
Carson McDaniel
level 4
Sam Schutz
level 5
Kendal Forman Webster
level 6
Joe McDonald
level 7
Trevor Schultz
  level 8 Anton Lefthand  
  level 9 Alex Mausshardt  
  level10 McKauly Morrison  
  level 11 Tai Shriver  
  level 12 Michael Smith  
  level 13 Coldby Devlin  
  level 14 Zevan Walker  
    Victor Perez  
    Josh Peck  
    Evin Mueller  
    Esaie Kinsey  
    Ashton Rivard  
    Ryan Doss  
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