A little bit about the webmasters of School District 23....

What do webmasters do? As webmaster's, we create and maintain the hundreds of pages of our website. This is no easy task as School District 23 is a dynamic school district and thus our site needs to be a dynamic site. We are making every effort to keep the information on our web pages up to date and are always looking for ways to make the site more interesting and useful to School District 23 students, faculty, and alumni as well as visitors that may stumble across our pages when surfing the Internet. Our faculty as become familiar with web page creation and maintenance and have been adding to our site providing a useful tool for enhancing student learning in their classrooms.

Bob Gunderson was the original webmaster of the site. He put up the first online pages about 28 years ago. Originally the site included only the high school but has since expanded to include the entire school district. Gunderson is retired now after 44 years in education, 37 of them in Polson. He is still a webmaster for the district and has expanded his duties to include the District web page, Middle School Web site, Linderman web site, and an expanded High School website. Mr. G. originated the computer science department in 1981 when he began teaching a class in BASIC programming. He graduated from MSU in Bozeman in 1969 with a BS in Mathematics and received his Masters degree in Educational Computing from MSU-Billings in 1989. He has previously been chosen by the Montana Council of Computers and Technology in Education as the Outstanding Technology-using Teacher for the state and was the runnerup for ISTE's 2003 National Technology Teacher of the Year Award.

The Cherry Valley site is maintained by it's original creator Milliken Award winner Doug Crosby. In addition Carl Elliot has developed important additions to the District page. Other faculty have contributed and continue to contribute by developing and maintaining web pages/blogs dealing with their own classes on the site. The latest addition is the Pirate News Network developed by instructor Brett Owen and his media class.

Kris Sampson, Mike Umphrey, and Bob Gunderson have provided the photographs that are displayed on this site. Kris is a commercial photographer (K Photography in Polson Montana). Mike Umphrey is a teacher in the English Department at PHS.

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