Tonight's Dreams, Tomorrow's Memories

On Saturday, March 17, a parade of long evening dresses and suave tuxedos strode confidently into an elegantly decorated Linderman Gym. The freshly fallen snow didn’t prevent any of the gorgeous and wholesome youth from attending the highly anticipated prom, hosted by the Polson High School junior class. The theme encompassed a whimsical feel of magic and satiny teals with the title, “Tonight’s Dreams, Tomorrow’s Memories.”

Past Polson High School alumni filled the gym with bee-bopping blues and a rhythmic dubstep beat, to which the student body passionately capered about in mob-esque circles. Oftentimes the peers were singing along to familiar tunes, or feasting on the vast array of cookies and sweets in the foyer area.

The night swelled with the music, and finally reached a high point at the announcement of Prom King and Queen, Paul Mclurg and Kylee Wegner, followed by Prince and Princess, Craig Feistner and Chelsea Chowning. This much coveted honor could not have been bestowed upon any worthier subjects. When asked about her crowning, Wegner conveyed feelings of much excitement and bliss.

“Being Prom Queen was an honor, and extremely shocking. In fact, I am still in shock. I feel as though life is complete, and it was the best way to impress my boyfriend,” said Wegner.

With a concluding song of “We are Young,” by Fun., the evening was topped off by a group hug. The ball really was a high school memory, and it couldn’t have passed more flawlessly. Prom will always be a night to remember, much like Camelot in the days of old.

...from the Polson High School Salishian

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