Mr. Grinch gets caught!

Mr Grinch caught

A strange series of events unfolded this afternoon. While Deputy Lundeen was here for a visit, Mr. Grinch tried to steal our Christmas Tree. I honestly couldn't understand why he would return after almost being caught by me yesterday and by Mr. Mike this morning. Thanks to Deputy Lundeen's quick reaction and cat-like reflexes, we were able to apprehend Mr. Grinch. We loaded Mr. Grinch into Deputy Lundeen's vehicle and had a heart-to-heart talk with Mr. Grinch. He is actually a pretty nice guy and was very apologetic. He promised to never steal again and returned the presents. Deputy Lundeen and I are firm believers in second chances, so we sent him on his way after giving him a big holiday hug. I hope this resolves the situation here at Cherry Valley, but Max is still on the loose.....

With Great Relief,

Mr. Gustafson

Mr. Grinch stealing the treeMr. Grinch stealing the tree - photo #2Mr. Grinch stealing the tree - photo #3Mr Grinch in patrol carMr Grinch being told offMr. Grinch ForgivenMr. Grinch Forgiven - Photo #2