Polson students finish second

Stock Market Game

Polson students take second in Stock Market Game

Daily Inter Lake | December 30, 2020 12:00 AM

Polson High School played the stock market and won second place in a game about “investing wisely.”

From Oct. 12 to Dec. 11, students participated in the Stock Market Game organized by the Montana Council on Economic Education in partnership with the Montana State University Department of Agricultural Economics and Economics. The semiannual stock market simulation is designed to encourage middle school and high school students to learn about how the stock market works, according to a press release from the university.

“The Stock Market Game applies experiential learning using a simulated portfolio against the real stock exchange,” said Dax Schieffer, executive director of the Montana Council on Economic Education. “Students conduct research, apply strategy and even consider brand loyalty for their picks. But just like in the real world, the market moves up and down, so they can learn lessons while not risking real money.”

Competitors started the simulation with $100,000 to invest with the goal of having the most equity at the end of the nine-week competition. Students were required to invest in at least five stocks or mutual funds with the idea of promoting diversification.

The Polson High School team, advised by Sean Elser, finished with $130,172.40 in theoretical equity with a 24.81% return above S&P 500 growth, Schieffer said, describing their performance as impressive. First-place finisher Westby High School ended with $132,077.60 in equity. The top five teams receive cash prizes.

The next Stock Market Game is scheduled in the spring. For more information visit https://econedmontana.org/.