Linderman Hosts Pirate Ticket Eggstravaganza!

Mrs. Nordberg handing out Pirate tickets!

Today is our Linderman Pirate Ticket Store Eggstravaganza! Students are able to purchase a mystery egg for eight pirate tickets with a surprise inside!
Mrs. Nordberg has done a wonderful job with our weekly Linderman store.

The store is run by Mrs. Nordberg and the fourth grade leadership team. After receiving a grant from the Polson Scholarship and Education Foundation, Mrs. Nordberg set to work gathering prizes. Students are able to spend their Linderman pirates tickets each week.

This week two third-graders combined their pirate tickets to buy the grand prize- (for 100 tickets) lunch in the teachers lounge!

Keep up the great work, Mrs. Nordberg and the fourth grade leadership team!