Mrs. McCrumb's Primary Multiage Class



 Our Published Works

We begin the process of creating published works by working on our stories in our draft writing books thinking of ideas for a writing subject, drafting the words and the illustrations. After a conference with our teacher to assist in corrections or suggestions, we officially publish our books.

 Traveling Books

Traveling books are created by each student creating a page, based upon a central theme. The completed book then travels to each student's home for the enjoyment of the whole family.

 Our Art Work

We all love to work on many different art projects. Whether it be paint, crayon or another medium, we all enjoy proudly displaying our creative talents

 Our Class Adventures and Special Projects

Come along with us and see what we do and where we go to learn outside of our regular class environment. You can also join us for some of our class celebrations.


 Class Visitors and Volunteers

Our class is lucky to have such talented people volunteer in our class to teach us new things. Our volunteers are generous with their time and support. Come and meet them.



Mrs. McCrumb's class enjoys reading any comments you may have. Please let us know what ;you think of our work, our activities and our accomplishments. 


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