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 Patricia Phillips

Teacher, Syracuse, NY

 January 28, 2002  I enjoyed your web page especially seeing your self portraits. Your traveling book is such a great idea. I may use it with my class. Who is the vampire in the Halloween picture? Could it be George? You must like when Atty teaches you French. Pajama day must have been fun. Did I see a mother and daughter with the same pajamas on? One of my favorite pictures was the climbing wall. That must be really fun. I enjoyed seeing all you do at school. You are learning so much. Shelby, your self portrait was beautiful, just like you.
Kate Reilley  January 23, 2002 Hey Kiddo's...I just got done viewing your web site and I thought it was terrific!!! You guys do some really fun stuff during the holidays, I might have to stop in for one of your parties. I really enjoyed your artwork, especially the "self-portraits". You are all so artistic. Thanks again and I'll keep checking out your site to see what new things you're up to. Bye for now.... My daughter Jenni Reilley is in Mrs. Farnstrom's class.
Nadia Musz  June 15, 2001 You all have done a super job. I loved reading all your stories.
George Flynn
Polson, MT
 January 11, 2001
 I enjoyed going to the site to see what the kids have done. I also enjoy helping out in class. I think your site is one of the best sites online today! Keep up the good work and keep the new pages coming. George Flynn.
Patricia Phillips
Cicero, NY
 January 16, 2001
I'm an early childhood educator in New York State. I was so impressed with your web site. Your class's writing is fantastic. You certainly should be proud of your student's accomplishments. Having your class use the web page to display their writing skills is a great way to encourage their efforts in writing while having others view it too. Hats off to you and your classroom. Keep up the good writing skills. I also enjoyed the pictures.
Tony Porrazzo
Polson, MT
 January 18, 2001
 I loved browsing through you web site. You have all done a wonderful job. Keep up the hard work.
 Jeanne Marquez
January 19, 2001
 Jerome, your comments on the "Grinch" really make me want to see the movie. Rebecca, I loved your writing on all the ways that animals see. Your illustration is beautiful. Shelby, the ice show in Spokane really looked fun! I'm reading all your papers little by little and will get back with more comments. A teacher in Florida
 Mrs. Meeks
 January 20, 2001
 Mrs. McCrumb, Boys and Girls,
I am visiting my daughter in Missoula and we decided to visit the Cherry
Valley website. When we saw the writing that you posted, we said the
same thing... "What wonderful stories from these young authors!" Keep
writing every day.
Mrs. Meeks
 Debbie Basler
January 21,2001
Great Job Cody....Mom Loves you Keep up the great work...
 Ruth Miller
January 26, 2001
I was very impressed with how the stories were written with the open book and flapping pages leading the reader to the next selection. Illustrating some of the stories made them even more entertaining. The students have learned a lot about particular animals and their habits from their research and sometimes from experience. I loved Rachel's essay that you know a cat has sharp claws if you have a cat. May I admire Rebecca's wonderful printing. It
made her story about animal eyes so easy to read. Learning the word "hibernation" which was the subject of Cody's story really added a big word to vocabulary. All of the stories were fun to read and I liked the variety of
subjects. My best to the students from a Grandmother in Florida.
 Mom, Sister Ash, Baby Sis Nikki and Dad Clay May 21, 2001 Way to go, K.J.! I am so proud of your hard work that you have done with this project. I am so glad to see you get the job done. LOVE YOU LOTS!!!
    You all have done a super job. I loved reading all your stories.

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