Wilfred Kenmille



 Polson is on the Flathead Indian Reservation. The reservation is home to the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes. The tribes consist of a confederation of Salish and Pend d'Orielles Tribes and the Kootenai, as an individual tribe.

Mr. Kenmille, a tribal member comes to our classes to teach us words from the Koonenai language.



The Salish bands gathered on the reservation in its early days. Each spoke slightly different dialects of the Kalispell or Flathead language. The Kalispell language is part of the Salish family of languages spoken by many tribes of the Pacific Northwest. The Kootenais speak a totally different language. Almost all of the tribal members now living speak English only as a result of years of schooling. It is said that only 80 fluent speakers of the language exist today.

We are so fortunate Mr. Kenmille helps us learn some of the words of this very special language.


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