Come along with Mrs. McCrumb's and Mrs. Duford's classes on our many adventures:


 Our class had the Star Lab for a week. We studied stars and constellations.


Our class did a Science unit on the five senses. We used our senses to explore the properties of solids and liquids.


Earth Day Bags 1999


 Multiage class delivered bags to the local grocery store to be used in recognition of Earth Day. Message NO LITTERING

Field Trip to Carter's Apple Orchard


 During the Fall of 2000, the Cherry Valley Primary Multi-Age class when on a field trip to Carter's apple orchard.



Halloween Party 2000


 Come visit our class all dressed up for Halloween

Our Student Teacher, Mr. Hansen

 Meet our 2000 - 2001 Student Teacher -

Mr. Hansen


Mrs. McCrumb's Birthday Party


 We had a great time at last year's birthday party for Mrs. McCrumb

Field Day

 We all got a chance to show our athletic skills on Field Day

Mother's Day Tea


 Come see what a grand celebration we put on for our Mothers.


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