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 Earth Day 1999

The entire school participated by decorating 300 grocery bags to be distributed by our local grocer on April 22-Earth Day 1999! The bags were colorfully decorated with pictures and slogans! No matter what the design, the message was loud and clear..."Do your part and help SAVE OUR EARTH!" After the bags were completed the Primary Multiage class delivered the bags to the local grocery store to be used in recognition of the day.


  I drew a picture of the Earth because it was Earth Day.
We keep our earth beautiful by not littering and by picking up trash. Please don't litter or our world will turn black.

Everyone made a bag. We drew pictures of the Earth.

 After we made the bags, we went to Super 1 to give them to the manager.

We keep the Earth healthy by not throwing trash on the ground and by picking up trash when we see it. Don't cut down all of our trees! -Jesse S.
The Earth is getting polluted so we drew on bags as a reminder to reuse or recycle. -Michael

We did this project so we could remind our community that it was Earth Day.
We drew the planet Earth and the words "Save our Earth" on paper bags. We took a bus to Super 1 to deliver the bags.


We took bags to Super 1 to give away to the people of Polson. We think Earth Day is really special because it reminds us that we have to help keep the Earth healthy.



When we got to Super 1 we gave the manager our bags. -Connor
The manager was going to give them to people who shop at Super 1.



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