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Happy New Year!!

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Stew & Elaine Mon. Jan 15th Nice work and paintings by everyone.  
Cynthia Rochin Mon. Jan 15th Dear Mr. Crosby's Class,
What beautiful paintings!  You should be very proud of yourselves!  Those paintings look like they were done by first graders or maybe even second graders.  I know that you all are working so hard in class.  Have fun this year and I hope you do all that you want to do!  Mrs. Rochin (Just one hallway away from you!)
Eileen Hoyt Tue. 16th Jan Great book . I loved the artwork. Eileen Hoyt
Don Willianson Thur. Jan 18th G'day Mates!
What fun I had reading about all the things you want to do in 2001! And what wonderful pictures you draw to tell me these things. Mr. Crosby is a
very lucky teacher. He has a room full of kids WHO LOVE LIFE!!
Baba and Granny
Mike Wallet Tue. 23 Jan Your picture is great. Love Aunt Ericca
Aunt Kathy Wed, 7 Feb 2001 Great job everyone on your beautiful art paintings! And a special hi and a
hug to Eric..from your Aunt Kathy, Uncle Mike, and cousins Tom & Alex in St.
Louis, Missouri. Good job!

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