20 # 2 Pencils. (WOODEN ones please, the plastic ones ruin our pencil sharpeners) 1 pkt. (12 ) Colored pencils. (Wooden ones please) 1 pkt. ( 24 ) Crayons. 1 Large box Kleenex. 4 Glue sticks. 1 small bottle of school glue. 1 pair of tennis shoes for P.E. 1 Backpack to hold everything! #
Parents, please note that most of the above supplies will be used communally by everyone in the class so it is not a good idea to send along special pencils or crayons. It sounds like a lot of pencils but it's for all year. Markers, pencil sharpeners and erasers are not needed. Please make sure backpacks and clothing are marked with your child's name.