A History of Kid Pix

Kid Pix was first developed in 1989 by Craig Hickman who wrote the program for his three year old son when he became frustrated trying to use the MacPaint program on the Macintosh. Craig developed the program specifically for young children in mind with all tools being available on screen and no need to read pull down menus. Kid Pix immediately became the best software for student writing and drawing and has received numerous awards. New features have been added with each release of Kid Pix. It is a superb Kindergarten application. If you would like to read the full history of Kid Pix by Craig please click here: Kid Pix History

  The Writing Process at Cherry Valley

At Cherry Valley we have a very strong school wide focus on literacy. This means that every classroom, kindergarten to fourth grade has students writing in draft writing books every day of the week. At the kindergarten level our students first make a plan in the form of a picture. Underneath the plan the students write their story. In the early part of the year this may just involve the placement of a few letters with or without letter-sound relationship but by the end of the year most kindergartners are writing a sentence with a capital letter and period and definite letter- sound relationships. These stories are then published by the teacher in small books with correct spelling and conventions. The students then illustrate these pieces before sharing them in front of the class and taking them home.

      Using Kid Pix for Story Publication


As an alternative to the teacher publishing the piece by hand for the student, Kid Pix becomes the essential software that enables the student to use computer technology to publish their piece.

Students are capable of launching the program from the button created on the Launcher (Macintosh) or a Desktop Shortcut (Windows). The student or teacher or other adult then selects the typewriter tool and places the insertion point on the page. The student but usually the adult at this level types out the story in it's correct form.

Once the story is typed the student works independently to illustrate the story using the pencil, paint and stamping tools. One great feature of the Kid Pix Studio version we are now using is the editable text feature which allows the user to go back and edit text once placed. Another useful feature at the kindergarten level is the fact that when a student selects the eraser to use the text disappears preventing the student from accidentally erasing text already placed.

If you are unfamiliar to the Kid Pix program please visit the following tutorial site provided by the Learning Space Cadre members Vicky Ragan and Wendy Nevin.

Learning How to Use Kid Pix

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 Advanced Features


Kid Pix has a number of advanced features that can take story publication to levels not possible before computer technology. Once the student has completed the illustration process they can record their own voice reading the story they have created in digital format right with the file. Once you have a number of student projects saved it is also possible to create a slide show with transitions, sound effects and timed showings.

Slide shows are wonderful for parent evenings viewed on a TV or video projector or recording to video tape via your computers video out capability. Once connected to a VCR run the show and record to video. These make wonderful take home tapes.

 For Kid Pix product information click here. Kid Pix - Learning Company

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