Internet Resources for the Kindergarten Classroom 

Following is a series of Internet links that are directly related to the Integration of Technology in the Kindergarten classroom. I have included a brief description for each one and how you may use it. 
  Ask Jeeves for Kids  

Ask Jeeves is a powerful search engine with kids in mind. It is based on the Ask Jeeves adult version whereby you type in your search as a question and Ask Jeeves give results based on key words used. Kindergartners could use this with adult assistance to search for topics of interest. 

Kids Domain Craft Page  

Hundreds of craft ideas for kids to make. The ideas are categorized into many areas and each area has many listings. Once you have selected the project the page gives you step by step instructions with material listing and difficulty levels. New ideas are being added constantly. A great resource for new ideas on seasonal crafts.  


 Meet Arthur the Ardvark and all his friends online. Marc Brown's characters are very well known to kindergarten age children. His books and television series have been very popular. This site has lots of information about the stories, characters, author and television series. There are also games to play and a Teachers Corner with hundreds of activities for school age children.

 Sesame Workshop  

Meet all your favorite Sesame Street characters. Lots of games, activities and craft ideas for parents, teachers and kids. Sections for parents and teachers with printable activities and games. There is content on computers and Internet resources for the very young plus a list of web sites to start of your web surfing. 

Yahooligans - Great for Kids  

A popular search engine for kids to use. This search engine can be used with adult assistance to look up topics of kindergartners interest. Using either a key word search or the categories provided results are of broad interest at a kid level.  

  Dear Parents from Edmark 

From the makers of Edmark software. Advice on learning and technology for both parents and teachers. Areas are divided by school subject and then technology areas. Edmark has made some of the finest childrens software available.

Kid Pix 

Kid Pix is the most popular multimedia creativity title for students of all ages. It is particularly powerful at the kindergarten level due to it's ease of use and just plain "fun" tools and activities. This site presents information on the product and supplemental materials. Links are also provided to Kid Pix projects by students.

The Amazing Picture Machine

A large database of graphic images compiled by the folks at North Central Regional Educational Laboratory. Great for finding specific pictures for units of study.

Game Kids

Game Kids is a web site for kids of all ages to learn and exchange non-computer games and activities. Games are broken down by category and within each category a good description and age range is given. New games are submitted and posted regularly. 

  Family Fun

The home page of the popular parent and kid magazine "Family Fun". Many ideas for teachers at the lower elementary level with games, party and dress up ideas. 

 A World of Kindergartners

This web site created by Nancy Yost of the Indiana University of Pennsylvania contains a host of information for early childhood educators. The information found at this site has come from a discussion list composed of kindergarten, pre-primary, preschool, and primary teachers. 

  Enchanted Learning 

A wonderful teacher/student resource page with detailed information on whales, dinosaurs, rain forests, sharks and much more. Many activities for preschoolers and a kindergarten crafts page. Also see the unique picture dictionary.

Kindergarten Technology Integration 

This Curriculum Integration resource is from the Monroe Public Schools in Michigan and it contains links to technology integration ideas for the Kindergarten classroom. This page is broken down by subject area with hypertext links. 


There are many opportunities available for children to become involved with plants, gardens, or the outdoors in general. Some of these opportunities include children's programs at school gardens, botanic gardens or community gardens. This site contains ideas for gardening with kids. 

 Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators is a categorized list of sites useful for enhancing curriculum and professional growth. It is updated daily to include the best sites for teaching and learning. There are hundreds of links for the primary classroom.

   Kinder Korner

Kinder Korner is a resource website for teachers and others interested in early childhood education, Pre-K through 2nd Grade. Kinder Korner is owned by Victoria Smith, an educator and freelance writer who teaches kindergarten and first grade in California.

   The Kingdom of Kindergarten

The Kingdom of Kindergarten is a WebQuest utilizing kindergarten technology skills. It was designed by Carol Bostian and utilizes castle web sites and Kid Pix to integrate technology and kids.

   Montana Kids

Montana Kids is a wonderful website created by Travel Montana to provide valuable information to kids about the state of Montana. great links to animals, places and history. Graphics very appealing to students.

   Scholastic Software Club
  The Scholastic Software Club is a great source of educational software for the classroom. This site provides software reviews, ideas for parents and teachers and monthly specials on software titles. Points are gained for titles purchased making it possible to get free software.

 Kids Domain Software Review

The Kids Domain has a great software review section containing hundreds of computer software reviews. The reviews contain program descriptions, technical requirements, age levels, features and price. The reviews are arranged by groups in alphabetical order, by age level or subject. Very easy to use and find software.

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