Email and the Fax Machines as Communication Tools

Sometimes we overlook the obvious when we talk about technology integration in the classroom and the use of email and the fax machine are good examples.


As computer technology makes its way into all of our homes more and more families are establishing Internet accounts ard email is becoming common place. At Cherry Valley we are lucky to have Internet access into all of our classrooms so it is relatively easy to establish a home school connection using this resource.
At the beginning of the year I survey the class and collect home and work email addresses and fax numbers. At our parent night I encourage parents to send email directly into our classroom. When students receive email I sit at the computer with them and they dictate a response that I type for them.
This is a great way for parents to contact their students at school from their work place or home and another way that we can demonstrate to our students that technology is a key part of their lives.

Fax Machines
Fax machines have been around now for as long as computers but we tend to take them for granted. Although fax machines are not common place in homes they are almost in every work place. Imagine the delight of a parent receiving a fax at work from their child who has just drawn a wonderful picture or written a great story at school. Faxing students work only takes a few seconds but the rewards are great.
We have one fax machine at school in our faculty room which is easily accessable at recess times.

Technology Integration

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