In May Mr.Crosby's and Ms.Sood's class went on a field trip to the

Yellow Bay Biological Station.

We were sitting on the log listening to Colden,
he was telling us about the rocks and the lake.

In the lab we saw insects in the tray and under the microscope The insects looked scary under the microscope.

Robin used a kicknet to collect insects from the stream so that we could look at them in the tray. We found mayfly, damsel fly and caddis fly larvae. We also saw worms and leeches!

We saw a gorgeous Calypso; Fairy Slipper orchid on our nature walk.

Here is Ms. Sood's and Mr.Crosby's class all sitting on one log!
We had a great day at the Biological Station, it is an interesting place.

To learn more about the station click below
Yellow Bay Biological Station