Our Friends at St. Joseph's Nursing Home

This year we have made some very special friends at St. Joseph's Nursing home which is just a short walk from Cherry Valley School. Our last project was to interview residents and then write a book using the information, publish it and present it to them. We asked them about themselves, what they liked. We asked them about their families and we asked them about the sorts of things they liked to do when they were kids. Here are some photos recording the project.

Here we are at Cherry Valley School with our books.



We took our published books that we made up to the nursing home. Here we are walking on the sidewalk.




We got our picture taken under the sign.

Here we are reading to our friends at the nursing home.


They really enjoyed listening to our books and they got to keep them.

We are reading to our best friends and our books are about them.

My book was about horses because she liked horses.

They listened very closely as we read to them.

My story was about racoons and the big racoon stayed with the Mother racoon.

We liked reading about the cow and the picnics in the back yard.

We had fun at the nursing home, we gave our books to our friends and then it was time go back to Cherry Valley for lunch.