Friday Clubs

 At Cherry Valley we offer Friday Clubs once or twice each month. We have approximately 20 clubs for the children to choose from. Each child gets to select four of their favorite clubs. The children attend their favorite club four times and then they get to select a new club choice for the next session of clubs. The club selection ranges from African Drumming, to Seasonal Arts and Crafts. The following are pictures from our clubs held this session.

 The Rubber Stamping club.

In this club the kids made cards, pictures, wrapping paper, and many other fun projects.



This is the math club where the kids made math games and played them.


In the horse club the kids rode horses until we got snow, then they learned about the riding equipment and different breeds of horses.




This is a picture of the needlework club. Each child got to choose their own pattern, make a needle point project.


In basket making the kids made cloth baskets they could use at home.


Here is a happy student that just returned from homemaking club.


Join us again for some updated pictures of our Friday Clubs!!

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