Literacy Conference

  Literacy from Birth

Joyce Crosby discussed the essential role that language plays in creating the foundations of literacy.


"Above all else stories are perhaps the best presents children can receive for they are beyond the power of money to buy or the world to take away." With this in mind, Bill Starkey helped all who joined him, find the hidden story teller within.

 Improving Communication: How to Encourage Language Development

Colette Salmon discussed specific interaction styles to improve communication and language skills of young children.


   Storybook Weaving

Co Carew showcased a wonderful literacy/art project that gave participants the opportunity to weave their favorite book through the homemade paper weave.

  Literacy Through Play

Amanda Thompson provided many examples of how to create meaningful literacy play centers at home or in the preschool classroom.

Writing in the Early Years

Debbie Hogenson and Mickey Hanson guided the participants through the various stages of writing and discussed ideas of how to promote writing development at home and in the classroom

Using Assessment to Plan for Reading Instruction

Doug and Joyce Crosby gave participants the opportunity to see how the results from early reading assessments are used to determine next learning steps for students.

   Browsing Children's Literature

Dale Hannon presented tips for utilizing children's literature and web sites .

 Extending the Story For Day care and Preschool Instructors

In this session there were several examples presented for story extensions that help foster language development,early literacy skills, movement and fine motor skills. The participants were then given the opportunity to create their own story extensions and present them.


Tools for Early
Reading Assessment

Doug and Joyce Crosby led the exploration of a variety of early reading assessment tools such as running records, and the Observational Survey.

Phonological Awareness:
A Link to Literacy

Colette Salmon shared research findings about relationships between phonological awareness and literacy skills. She also discussed the different stages of phonological awareness.

America Reads

Roxanne Hovenkotter was on hand to explain the America reads program as well as serve as a resource for using children's literature and web sites.

The Early Literacy Project:

Lisbeth Vincent, Linda Whedbee, and Lisa Jones Park, of the University of Montana shared methods for using the natural routine and activities of the preschool classroom to foster early literacy development.


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