Classroom Door - Book Covers

 Each year during Literacy Week, teachers and students decorate their classroom doors to look like their favorite book covers. As you can imagine it makes our hallways look wonderful. Here is the selection from this year.

Special Education
Resource Room

Mrs. Jorgenson's Fourth Grade

 Miss Wright's Kindergarten

Mrs. Fischer's Second Grade

 PE Gym - Mrs. Stanley

Music - Mrs. Grimshaw

Intermediate Multiage - Mrs. Hogenson and Mr. Donavan

Library - Mrs. Hannon

Preschool and Kindergarten
Mrs. Thompson and Ms. Holzman

Primary Multiage- Mrs Duford

Mrs. Hoffman's First Grade

Mrs. Farnstrom's Fourth Grade

Reading Recovery
Ms. Holzman and Mrs. Crosby

 Mrs. Davis' Third Grade

Ms. Sood's First Grade

Mrs. McKethen's Second Grade


 Primary Multiage- Mrs. McCrumb, Mr. Crosby and Miss. Blakesslee.

Reading Resource Room

Mrs. Hoffman's First Grade

Office Door

Mrs. Orchard's Third Grade

 Publishing Center - Mrs. Burningham & Mrs. Dickson

Mrs. Gilchrist's
Third Grade

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