It all began as an idea last September at the PTO meeting. "What shall we raise money for next?" How about a climbing wall where the kids traverse from side to side instead of up and down. We never realized how quickly we could raise the money ($6000) required. The whole community pitched in and three months later the wall went up!

"Now, what were we going to build here?"

Timon Behan and Mio Rhein from "Wild Walls" in Spokane contemplate the task ahead of them.


Mio prepares the 2x4"s for installation on the gym wall.


Timon prepares the anchors that will hold the climbing wall to the gym wall. (The kids appreciate that!)




All the holds laid out and ready for placement. Some great colors and designs. We really liked all the letters and numbers.


The panels all laid out and ready to be secured. The Mountains look just like our very own Mission Mountains east of school.


Timon puts on finishing touches.

 The very first Cherry Valley student across the wall. Mio looks on and gives advice.


Many thanks Cherry Valley PTO, Timon and Mio.

For information on construction of our climbing wall please contact Timon Behan at Wild Walls.

Our New Climbing Wall
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