Space Day and Student Signatures
in Space at Cherry Valley

Cherry Valley Elementary School was very fortunate this year in being selected by Lockheed Martin to participate in the Student Signatures in Space program. This project was started on Space Day, May 22nd 1997. The project is quite simple and has proved to be exciting for us all. We were sent a poster that all our students signed on Space Day. We returned it to Lockheed Martin and the signatures will then be flown aboard the Atlantis Space Shuttle STS-86 due to launch on September 24th. 1997. The poster is then returned to us with space flight authentication by NASA for us to display at school. Five schools in each state where selected for this honor and selection was based on the schools diversity in size, cultural and ethnic composition and it's presence on the Internet indicated by school web pages.

Space Day was celebrated on the Thursday prior to the anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's memorable and inspiring speech in 1961, in which he challenged America to land a man on the moon and return him safely to Earth. At Cherry Valley we celebrated Space Day all day with an assembly in the morning and presentations / poster signing in the library for all classes.

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A report from our local newspaper

Signing Away!

Everyone got a chance to sign the poster. Quite a challenge with nearly 400 students in the school. We also learned a lot about the space missions, tracking the Space Shuttle Atlantis and viewing live video feeds via the Internet.

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A report from our local paper

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