Pet Show Family Fun Day

On Saturday the 8th of May, Cherry Valley School held it's first
ever Pet Show for our first and second grade classes.
It was an event not to be missed!

  Saddie won the "Famous Dog Look a Like" award.Don't you think she looks like Lassie? It's hard to see but a tranantula and Gecko were part of the reptile section.  The boys brought Sandy dressed as a bride. She won the "Best Dressed Animal" section.
   "Cocktail" found a good perch for the day. "What's in that ear anyway?"  Cassob won the "Biggest Farm Animal in the Show" He towered over everyone else. Winston was the "Scruffiest Dog in the Show" but he won a nice gift certificate to Pampered Pets for a grooming! 
 Julie Duford parading her horse Katie, for everyone to see.   Donatello brought her owner to check out the other cats at the show.  White Socks got a little nervous with all the attention but but still got dressed up for the occasion.
The "Best Groomed of the Show" Cuddles shows her owner how to play ball.  See Lucky,
See Lucky dressed,
See Lucky, all dressed up.
 Jasmine a winner in the "Best Dressed Animal" section.
Isn't she cute!

 Come cats came on leashes,
some in cages.
Happy owners too.

 One of our young helpers holding the horse prizes.

 Carrie Sood is getting kisses from Rifka. Rifka caught a frisbee to win the "Best Trick" award.


Little Jean and her human companions. She won "Best Farm Animal of the Show". She also dressed as a butterfly for the "Best Dressed" competition.

Special thanks go to Joyce Crosby for organizing this whole event. Also thanks to our judges from The Zoo, Pampered Pets, Mission Valley Animal Shelter and Polson Animal Clinic.

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