Bus Route Changes- Route 6 / Cherry Hill / Crosstown

Bus Route Changes- Route 6 / Cherry Hill / Crosstown

Due to a shortage of bus drivers, Polson School District has combined bus routes.  The Cherry Hill morning route has been combined with Route 6.  Students riding Route 6 will have to be at their bus stop 23 minutes earlier than last year.  The Cherry Hill morning pick-up times will not change.

The afternoon Cherry Hill route has been combined with the Crosstown route.  The Crosstown will have the following pick-up/drop-off times.

Pickup                   3:00 Cherry Valley School

Pickup                   3:17 Linderman

Drop off               3:27 Cherry Hill apartments

Drop off               3:33 Joy Lane

Drop off               3:35 Devlin Lane

Drop off               3:46 Lavista Turn around

Drop off               3:52 Cherry Valley

PU/Drop off       3:57 High School

PU/Drop off       3:59 Middle School

Drop off               4:05 Cherry Valley

Drop off               4:09 Linderman

Drop off               4:15 Cherry Hill apartments

Turn around at Lavista Drive 4:30

These times are approximate times, therefore we ask you to have your children at the bus stop 10 minutes early to ensure that your student does not miss their bus ride to and from school.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Mike Anderson
Director of Transportation Service
Polson Public Schools