Teacher Requests

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April 5, 2022


Dear Parents,


It seems hard to believe that it is time again to plan for another new year!  It has been a pleasure serving you and your children this year.  As we make plans to place students for next year many factors are taken into consideration.  We would like to share how this process works so that the placement is best for every child.  


Making placements for next year takes careful planning to ensure that your child’s educational experience is a positive one.  Principals work closely with the teachers to make the best decisions possible in placing students for next year.  It is a decision-making process that takes many factors into consideration.


Working with the grade level teachers, we make an initial list trying to establish a balance in all the classrooms.  Research says that academic achievement is higher for all students when they are educated in a diverse environment.  This balance continues with looking at additional services provided by the district and further balancing the classes.  Also, teachers may have recommendations that certain students either be separated or placed together for a variety of reasons, which is also taken into account.  Parent requests are also looked at throughout this process.  Due to all the other considerations taken into account, it is extremely difficult to accommodate every parent request.  If you have a specific reason based on educational needs we ask that you provide us with three teacher choices in an email or a note to building offices and the reason for your request by Friday, April 29, 2022. Requests after that date will not be considered.  We will make every effort to accommodate one of your three choices.  Please understand that our goal is to balance classrooms for all children to be successful in school. 


If you are writing an email to request a teacher, please submit all Kindergarten and 1st grade requests to Jon Gustafson at jgustafson@polson.k12.mt.us, 2nd and 3rd and 4th grade requests to Kristin Wilson at kwilson@polson.k12.mt.us, and 5th grade requests to Jesse Yarbrough at jyarbrough@polson.k12.mt.us.   All request emails must be labeled TEACHER REQUEST in the subject line for organizational purposes.


We are committed to providing the best education in all classrooms and will provide the support to make that happen.  We look forward to working with you next year.  



Jon Gustafson - Principal Cherry Valley 

Kristin Wilson - Principal Linderman

Jesse Yarbrough - Principal PMS