Cherry Valley Elementary Kindergarten 2019-20 Start Up Schedule

Front sign at Cherry Valley School with Flowers

Start Up Schedule

Dear Parents,

We want your child’s first days in Kindergarten to be successful!! We have several events planned in order to help your Kindergarten student make a smooth transition into the school environment. 

Also, Polson School District has set aside Wednesday’s as teacher collaboration and professional development days, which mean release times will be different on ALL Wednesday’s. Please note school release times below so you can make the appropriate plans for your child.

*Regular Hours: Monday-Tuesday, Thursday-Friday 8:25 – 3:10

*Early Release Wednesdays: 8:25- 2:40

*Half Day Wednesdays:8:25-11:45

Kindergarten Fall Intake/August 28-29th

The Kindergarten Fall Intake screening is by appointment only, and is for students who missed or were not able to attend the Spring Kindergarten Round-up Registration.  Students must have attended eitherthe Spring Round Up, or an Intake screening to begin attending class.  At the appointment your student will be screened in the areas of Developmental Readiness and Early Literacy and Math Skills. Your child’s class placement will be made after their Intake appointment. Final Kindergarten class lists will be posted after 2:30 on August 29th

The office secretaries will be returning to school on August 14thand will begin scheduling appointments at that time. Call 883-6333 to make an appointment.

*August 28th:  Kindergarten Fall Intake Testing 9:00-2:30

*August 29th:   Kindergarten Fall Intake Testing 9:00-11:30

*Please bring the following documents to your Intake appointment-Immunization records, student’s birth certificate, and Tribal enrollment number if applicable.

Cherry Valley Elementary Open House-August 27thfrom 3-5pm

Come with your child for a quick meet & greet with the teacher, drop off supplies, and tour the school during the Cherry Valley Elementary Open House on Tuesday, August 27thfrom 3-5 pm.

Kindergarten Staggered Start September 3-6th

Please, carefully read the schedule below to see when your child is scheduled to be at school.  This schedule allows teachers to get to know your child on a more personal basis.  It also allows them to go over classroom & building procedures, bathroom & lunch routines, playground and bus safety & rules in smaller and less overwhelming groups.

September 2nd:Labor Day NO SCHOOL

September 3-4th: School will be held for students with last name A-L only  (Student Names M-Z WILL NOT ATTEND THESE DAYS :)

  • September 3rd: Please stay for our Kindergarten Parent Orientation/ Q and A from 8:30-9:00.

September 5-6th: School will be held for students with last name M-Z only.  (Student Names A-L WILL NOT ATTEND THESE DAYS :)

Wednesday, September 5this an early release day. School will dismiss at 2:40.

  • September 5th:Please stay for our Kindergarten Parent Orientation/ Q and A  from 8:30-9:00.

Monday, September 9th:  All Kindergarten studentsbegin regular daily school schedule.