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Advanced Studies 7-12

What to do with gifted middle and high school students?

This question has plagued many schools. Programming for gifted elementary students (where programs exist) is quite common and is the norm. But specific programming for gifted middle and high school students (especially grades 7-12) is more rare. Typically at these grade levels, schools consider their advanced, honors, pre-AP, AP (Advanced Placement), and IB (International Baccalaureate) classes to be their programming for gifted and advanced students of this age.

The Polson District does offer some advanced and AP courses (as well as subject acceleration) to challenge our accelerated middle and high school learners. Yet, while those options are excellent and important, the Polson District also recognizes that the needs of gifted middle and high school students go beyond just advanced or accelerated content.

With that in mind, our Advanced Studies course was created with the aim of meeting more of the needs of our gifted middle and high school students.

Essentially, Advanced Studies is an opportunity for accelerated, motivated, highly-creative, deeply curious students to pursue topics of interest that aren't normally covered (or aren't covered in-depth) in regular course content and curriculum. Each student creates and follows-through with a self-directed project of personal interest. Projects are expected to be challenging; ready for publication, presentation, or display; and to meet some of the Montana Education Standards and Benchmarks (in addition to other criteria!).

For further details, check out this link for a more detailed Advanced Studies Course Description and Philosophy.

As well, you can view examples of some student projects by clicking the examples button.

STUDENTS! Do you need to access your course documents? Type your password in at the Course Documents page.



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